TimeResources offers software consulting for law firms, focusing specifically on practice management and billing software.


Services provided include assistance with installation, onboarding, customization, training, and ongoing support for some of the most widely used software solutions in the legal sector. We work with Timeslips, CosmoLex, and Clio.


Change at your pace

Increase your firm's productivity

Improving your business processes and workflows is the most important thing; software is a tool used to achieve these goals. Our objective is not to change everything about your practice – unless total change is what you want – our goal is to increase your firm’s productivity by suggesting, installing, and training you on the tools needed to get more margin out of your firm without completely upending your day-to-day operations.

TimeResources specializes in software solutions custom-designed for law firms. Years of consulting experience indicate that a much more efficient workflow is achieved when a solution is used that is built for the legal sector.

Excellent Support and Training for Front Line Staff

Maximize your team members' roles

Legal billing and practice management solutions lead to increased efficiency when the people using them understand the program's full capabilities. At TimeResources, a consultant is available to discuss and assess what tools, training, and support, the people in your organization need to maximize their role. Long-term relationships with TimeResources clients have been built upon excellent service and support, not just a quick software sale and setup.

  • I have had the privilege of working with Cyndie Szczepaniak who has been our TimeResources consultant for several years. Over the years, there have been occasions where Timeslips needed to be upgraded, projects needed to be completed or errors have occurred. Knowing that I can contact Cyndie not only gives me peace of mind, but I know that all of these things will be completed successfully and efficiently. No matter how big or small the issue, Cyndie has always been my go-to person. Timeslips is a very important program in our firm and having Cyndie as our consultant has been a HUGE benefit and I can honestly say that she is the best of the best!
    — Ritzler, Coughlin & Paglia, Ltd. (Cleveland, Ohio)
  • Besides being one of the most knowledgeable TimeSlips people I’ve worked with, Cyndie is always available to thoroughly explain the hows and whys of whatever tasks she helps me with. I would be lost without Cyndie’s assistance!
    — Lusk Albertson (Detroit, Michigan)
  • CTLogic has worked with TimeResources on numerous Timeslips implementations. The depth of Cynthia's product knowledge combined with her ability to manage the billing goals and requirements of our law firms make her an important asset to our team.
    — Matt Ciaramitaro, CTLogic (Royal Oak, Michigan)